Department of ECE


Department Objective

Now the world is fully dependent on systematic process. No one is ready to waste even a single minute, and every systematic equipment contains the electronic components.

The electronic circuit design is very essential for the particular automatic system. Only quality engineers can give the efficient as well as the low cost products.

Our electronics and communication department highly focus the individual student’s technical knowledge and discipline through quality faculties.

Without electronics no one can access the automatic processes. Nowadays the people like hi-tech as well as the luxurious life. So, our department is an evergreen and very essential for the world.

Our main objective is to molding the students as very useful to the world and to give the quality engineers to the world.

To improve the practical knowledge of the Students:

  • Utilize the well equipped laboratories for improving the practical skills.
  • Practical classes are conducted in a proper manner and the students are trained in the level of job orientation.
  • Periodically arrange the implant training and industrial visit to students.

To achieve the better results by improving Students Skills:

  • Theory subjects are taken with a suitable example around our circumstances for better learning of students.
  • Seminars are conducted once in a week for improving the leadership quality in students side.

To achieve better placement :

  • Motivate the students to improve their activities to face personal interviews.
  • Career guidance programmers are organized by our management.
  • Students are motivated to participate the campus interview from various leading industries.

Our department has established itself as one of the best department of our college. The Department is adequately staffed meeting the AICTE norm.
The ECE department has very good infrastructure facilities. The department has well-equipped laboratories like Communications lab, Electronic devices and circuits lab, Micro Processor and controller lab, VLSI lab, Instrumentation lab, Analog and digital Electronics lab, Embedded system lab and Computer Hardware and Networking lab.

Faculty Description :

The Faculty of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department has well qualified and experienced members. The faculty members are permitted to undergone to pursue post graduate qualifications in Engineering in fields.

Digital Electronics Lab :

In the digital lab, students learn about design of various digital circuits like registers, counters, and other combinational circuits. The facilities include IC Trainer kits, Xilinx software (VHDL, VERILOG –simulation software, etc.) and s well advanced digital oscilloscope Electronic Devices and circuits Lab.
Electronic Devices and circuits Lab is well equipped with advanced equipments and the students are trained in designing of oscillators, amplifiers, the study of characteristics of semiconductor devices and operational amplifier circuits.

Communication Engineering Lab :

This lab is equipped with various kits for AM and FM modulation. Students get educated in both analog and digital modulation schemes like amplitude, frequency and pulse modulation. They are also trained to study the way the signals are sampled and multiplexed during transmission and to perform various pure digital coding techniques.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab :

This laboratory is used by the students to perform experiments based on Microprocessor & Microcontroller kits and peripheral boards. The Laboratory consists of 8085 /8086 /8051 based kits and interface cards to give students a feel of direct hardware programming. Prototypes of working systems using direct machine and interfacing like Memories , LEDs, LCDs, Keyboard interfacing, Traffic light controller, Stepper Motor , etc


This laboratory is used by the students to perform experiments based on VLSI. The assembly-level programming using XILINIX software students carrying out the experiments for various interfaces like keyboard interfacing, Traffic light controller, Stepper Motor , etc.,

Embedded System Lab :

This laboratory is used by the students to perform experiments using simulation software and assembly-level programming to observe the exciting area of embedded system are developed. The lab has KEIL software which helps the students in carrying out project works.

Computer Hardware and Networking Lab :

This lab has the hardware experiments like CMOS setup, Installation of FDD, HDD, Printer, Modem, DVD Multi recorder, Scanner, and assembling a PC etc., Installation of LINUX Operating system , Networking a two computers with Linux server, etc.,