Department of Mechanical Engineering


Department Objective :

Our students are given special practical oriented training in servicing of automobiles and refrigerators and Air conditioning. our students are also given specialized training in Auto CAD Drawing, Operating CNC machine through computer. and more.

Lab Facilities :

Heat power Engineering Lab : It consist of Redwood viscometer, say bolt viscometer, Junker’s gas calorimeter, or sat apparatus, Two stage air compressor, High pressure boiler (model), Different I.C. Engine Test rings, Cut models of two stroke & four stroke engines, pen sky martens open cup apparatus etc.

Metrology Lab :

This lab consists of Dial gauges, Limit gauges, Sine bar, sine table, sine center, slip gauge, gear tooth venire, screw thread venire, digital venire, dial venire, digital micrometer, depth micrometer, depth vernier, vernier height gauge, universal bevel protractor, vernier calipers & micrometers.

Workshop-I Lab :

It consist of foundry, welding, smithy.

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab :

It consist of Bernoulli’s Apparatus, orifice and mouthpiece apparatus, impulse turbine, peloton wheel turbine, frictional losses and fitting losses setups, reciprocating pump, centrifugal pump, veriurimeter test rings

Mechanics of material Lab :

Rockwell hardness testing machine, universal testing machine, torsion testing machine, impact testing machine, spring testing machine, bending and deflection test setup.

Lathe shop :

Lathe heavy-medium-light duty, power hacksaw machine, bench grinding machine and surface table.

Special machine shop :

Capstan lathe, shaping machine, milling machine, floating machine, Planning machine, radial drilling machine, surface grinding machine, Tool & cutter grinding machine.

Automobile Technology lab :

It consist of Petrol engine, Diesel engine, cut model two stroke, steering system, differential, sliding mesh, constant mesh, synchro mesh gear boxes, master cylinder, clutch unit, fuel injection pump, simples, so lox carburetor, . Electrical & AC mechanical pump, battery charger, cell tester, vulcanizing machine.

CAD Lab :

HP net server, HP laser jet, Auto CAD mechanical desktop, PRO/E, CNC Lathe & Milling simulator.