Department of DEEE


Department Objective :

To improve the Practical Knowledge of the Students:

  • Utilize the well equipped laboratories for improving the practical skills.
  • Practical classes are conducted in a proper manner and the students are trained in the level of job orientation.
  • Periodically arrange the implant training and industrial visit to students.

To achieve the better results by improving Students skills :

  • Theory subjects are taken with a suitable example around our circumstances for better learning of students.
  • Seminars are conducted once in a week for improving the leadership quality in student side.

To achieve better placement:

  • Motivate the students to improve their activities to face personal interviews.
  • Career guidance programming are organized by our management.
  • Students are motivated to participate the campus interview from various leading industries.

Controller Lab :

The equipments include 8085, 8086 micro controller kits, DAC card, Stepper motor, DC motor control, interface card, LED, LCD interface card.

Power Electronics & Drivers Lab :

It consist of Connector kits, Triggering modules of CR, RC & UJT, Chopper kits, cyclo-converter kits, single phase induction motor drive control using IGBT chopper, Microprocessor based firing control for AC voltage regulator.