Department of DCE


Department Objectives :

In future our country based on the students hand therefore we aim to create our students not only as an intelligent person but also good character, Good Quality person.

Our Countries development depends on the development of rural area therefore the students from the rural area should be well taught also to make them as good knowledge person.

Our Moto is to make our students as an avenue of Excellency :

Our Teaching will be based on field work ,Models and make them to develop their creativity because civil engineers need creativity mind.

Construction is the fourth largest sector of global economy next only to food, healthcare & IT. India’s construction industry which is providing livelihood to almost 10% of its population is the second largest occupation after agriculture yielding cross annual business value of nearly Rs 240,000 corers .

Due to the economical liberalization and knowledge based economy, our country has the potential for attracting a very big business giants to start industries in India which leads to providing infrastructure facilities such as roads, Air-ports, buildings, malls etc. These will fetch lot of employment opportunities to the civil engineers

Activities :

Our Department has well equipped separate Labs with latest and modern equipments in surveying, Material testing, Hydraulics and CAD.

Lab Facilities :

  • Surveying Lab
  • Material Testing Lab
  • Construction Lab Practice
  • Environmental Engineering Lab,
  • CAD in Civil Engineering Lab
  • Computer Application Lab
  • Hydraulics Lab.